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Books, Conferences, Gathered Postings and Other Encounters

Books: How They Work a parade of useful qualities

New Writing on the Wall gathered postings beginning July, 2012

Commonplacing 2012 selected postings

News of the Weird selected posts beginning 2011

Select Postings news of a day, 2006 to 2010

Linotype Story interviews with Buddy and Larry

ALA midwinter, 2010 meeting of the decade

Role of the Artifact a discussion of the 2001 report

Role of Print risks, responses, results

Methodology for Transmission happening at CBAA

Share in California a performance at Scripps College

Changing Status of Physical Book comments on a CLIR report

Mobility and Function in the Codex tumbling into the future

Medieval Book Binding the story of a reading device

Beyond Screen vs. Print on integration of attributes

Liberty and Safety Dictum Richard Minsky essay, posted 3.30.04

Structures for Book Conservation a SLIS class

Lessons from Hurricane Katrina IFLA/PAC discussion points

A Byway in Book Art aesthetics of book conservation

Walt and Sam symposium panel contribution

Formats of the Book book studies workshop talk

Pioneers of Book Conservation brief history

Changing Book – 2005 conference report

Haptic Evaluation of Books an essay

Advent of Case Construction Binding in the U.S. an essay

Story of the CMR essay on a book repair method

Taxonomy of Book Bindings a proposed classification system

Recognizing Digital Preservation Methods an ARL report

Reading Book Action essay

Future of the Booke vs. eBook Craft, Critique and Culture, 2004

Return of the Sewn Board Binding project

Future of Wooden Board Binding TimelessTech 2003

PreFab Book Art book kit class, PBI 2003 report

Writing Machines book

Timeless Tech 2002 workshop

Myth of Paperlessness book

Cyborg and the Book book

Craft, Critique and Culture 2002 conference

Scrapbook Future remark

Chartier & Johns convocation

Text-e Papers virtual symposium

Changing Libraries remark

Beyond Double Fold news item

SHARP 2001 meeting

Rare Books School 2001 report, a Chris Clarkson seminar

ACRL Conference 2001 meeting

Rare Books School 2000 report, a Michael Winship seminar

PARS/ALA 2000 meeting

Technology of the Medieval Book 1997 workshop

1994 Conference Rum Ba-Ba

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